Partnership Announcement: Ellerca and Roche Diabetes Care

Ellerca and Roche partnership

MEDIA RELEASE Ellerca Health partners with Roche Diabetes Care for Innovative Diabetes Management Program: Launches Accu-Chek® + 360Care™ Accu-Chek® + 360Care™ offers patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes innovative bundle solutions for a digital diabetes management program. It also offers a coaching service that supports those at risk for, and living with, diabetes […]

Meet the Nurses at 360Care™

Nurses of 360Care

Nurses are some of the most dedicated people in the world. They care for us when we’re ill, keep a close eye on our health around the clock, and sometimes frighten us with their very long needles😂 . When COVID-19 hit, they marched bravely to the frontlines, saving countless lives even if it meant putting […]

Announcement: Accu-Chek® + 360Care™ Diabetes Management Program Launch

MEDIA RELEASE Ellerca partners with Medavie Blue Cross and Roche Diabetes Care for Chronic Disease Benefit: Launches Accu-Chek® + 360Care™ Diabetes Management Program ​ Medavie Blue Cross plan members gain exclusive access to an integrated digital program and coaching service that supports those at risk for and living with, diabetes and related conditions. Over 11 million […]

The Perfect Bowl Of Soup Recipe

The perfect bowl of soup

What makes the perfect bowl of soup? If such a recipe exists, it will vary for different people. It would depend on where you’re from and what makes you happy. Because isn’t that what soup is? A warm bowl of happiness and comfort? So then maybe we already have our first two criteria for a perfect bowl of soup. It […]

What Does Race Have to Do With Diabetes?

What does race have to do with Diabetes? Well, there are numerous factors that put an individual at risk. Some, like exercise and nutrition, are controllable. Therefore, a conscious change in these factors can reduce the risk of developing Diabetes. It can even significantly improve life with the condition.  Some other risk factors like age, […]

A Chocolatey Valentines With Diabetes

It’s finally here, the sweetest day of the year. Hate it or love it, Valentines day is around the corner. You wonder, can you eat Valentines chocolate while living with Diabetes? It’s not like you can escape the day itself; you walk into the local grocery store and it’s all shades of pink and red, with balloons, […]

Diabetes: Are You At Risk?

Are you at risk for Diabetes or Pre-diabetes? It is possible to be at risk without any obvious symptoms. Many risk factors  can eventually push you into the pre-diabetes or diabetes spectrum. Unfortunately, some risk factors  can’t be controlled, like  race, ethnicity or having a family member diagnosed with diabetes. Thankfully, there are controllable risk factors. A change in lifestyle can significantly reduce […]

New Year, New You

What a year, am I right? 2020 has been a ride and a half, but we made it! 2021! I want to say it’ll be a great year, but I don’t want to jinx it (fingers crossed, knock on wood, sign of the cross, etc.) It’s a new year and as always, there’s a temptation to look back on the […]

5 Steps to Reverse Prediabetes Naturally

Can you reverse prediabetes naturally? You may have recently found out you have prediabetes and are a little confused about what that means. Simply put, prediabetes is the stage before diabetes. Your blood sugar levels shoot up higher than normal, but not enough to be considered as type 2 diabetes.  With prediabetes, your body has […]