Diabetes and South Asian Cuisine: How to Balance It

South Asia is a broad term to describe a subregion of Asia, consisting of India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and the Maldives. This region is incredibly diverse in landscape and culture and has a population of 1.94 billion people as of 2020. Of this vast population, preliminary studies indicate that approximately 1.4% of people […]

6 Facts About Diabetes That Everyone Should Know

Knowing the facts about diabetes is vital for management. However, when information is readily available on sources such as the internet, untrue statements can be widely perpetuated about a topic. This can cause confusion about what to believe. Continue reading to learn about the six common diabetes myths and the truth about them!  Myth #1. […]

A Practical Guide to Navigating Diabetes Distress

Living with diabetes requires constant attention with no breaks. Trying to understand unpredictable blood sugars while managing appointments and daily life routines can at times feel overwhelming. Having a chronic health condition like diabetes can increase levels of stress and anxiety. However, feeling stuck in these emotions can increase your risk of depression and diabetes […]

A Complete Guide to Diabetes and Alcohol

Diabetes produces various health and lifestyle challenges, particularly affecting the foods and drinks one can consume. Alcohol is a drink that brings with it…