5 Fun Activities for Your Family

When was the last time you bonded with your family? Taking the time to do fun fitness activities with your loved ones can help improve everyone’s mood, energy, and overall health! Are you ready to get your running shoes on and have some fun? Go for a Walk Going for a 30-minute walk is an […]

A SMART Action Plan to Help You Achieve Your Goals

According to UAB Medicine, only 8% of people stick to their New Year’s resolution each year. This is because it can be challenging to know how to set goals that are easy to follow for the long term. However, when you follow a SMART action plan, you can start to accomplish anything you set your […]

Ways to Stay Healthy While Working from a Desk

Want to stay healthy while working from your desk? Here are some easy tips that you can start following today! Do your back and wrists constantly ache? Are your eyes feeling strained? According to Statistics Canada, 32% of Canadians worked from home in January 2021. This means more people are sitting hunched over their computers […]