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Cholesterol Sources

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that is part of your body’s cells and helps you make vitamin D and certain hormones. It can be obtained from
both the liver (known as “blood cholesterol”) and foods (known as “dietary cholesterol”.

Liver: Blood cholesterol is produced by the liver.
Foods: Dietary cholesterol is found in animal
sources such as meat, poultry, milk products,
eggs, and shellfish.

There are two types of cholesterol:

LDL Cholesterol ("Bad Cholesterol"): LDL cholesterol can lead to plaque build-up in your arteries, increasing the risk of heart disease
HDL Cholesterol ("Good Cholesterol"): HDL cholesterol helps protect your arteries by lowering the amount of plaque in your bloodstream

The goal is to lower LDL cholesterol if it is too high and raise HDL cholesterol if it is too low.

To maintain healthy cholesterol levels, consider the following recommendations:

For more personalized guidance, consult with a healthcare professional or dietitian.