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Health coaching is catching on as an integrative part of workplace wellbeing programs, and for good reason. Health coaches help bridge the gap between patients and their providers, increase access to preventive care, and help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.

Health care benefits can be very expensive, especially when health-related issues are only being treated after they become problematic and could have been prevented. Not surprisingly, employer groups tend to be very interested in how wellness programs can help them save money and there are all sorts of statistics that support that argument.

For instance, a recent study published by Health Affairs concluded that 22.4 percent of annual medical spending was related to modifiable risks. Compared to the relatively high cost of these modifiable risks, the relatively low cost of many employee wellness programs offers a clear path to reduced medical spending through the reduction of risk.

How does health coaching impact employees?

Individuals who work with health coaches can see the impact of their behaviour changes displayed via actual health assessment data. For someone working on weight management, for example, seeing their diabetes risk diminish over time can be a wonderful motivator.

Motivation is probably the single greatest benefit individuals receive when working one-on-one with a health coach. Initially, health coaches provide a tremendous kick-start. They provide the essential ingredients to encourage initial behaviour change. This includes support and accountability along with tangible resources. They also provide a perspective that helps people understand how long-term change starts with small incremental steps toward realistic goals.

What is unique about health coaching by 360Care™ by Ellerca Health?

As a fully Canadian-based health care organization, we provide access to a complete suite of tools and services including assessments, diabetes nurse educators, dieticians and other resources. Other health coaching organizations simply don’t have these advantages.

Learn more about health coaching services through 360Care™ employer coverage, including member access to private support from our professional health coaches.