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Meet the Nurses at 360Care™

Nurses of 360Care

Nurses are some of the most dedicated people in the world. They care for us when we’re ill, keep a close eye on our health around the clock, and sometimes frighten us with their very long needles? .

When COVID-19 hit, they marched bravely to the frontlines, saving countless lives even if it meant putting themselves in harm’s way. The pandemic has shown us how essential these medical professionals are; but what do we really know about these underpraised heroes who risk their own health, safety, and peace of mind for our benefit?

At 360Care, we are privileged to have several talented healthcare professionals on board. Nurses and dietitians that form health coaching teams to guide each person living with diabetes.

We interviewed a number of the nurses on our team to get to know them as people and peek into the busy lives of healthcare practitioners. These are just a few of the qualified, hardworking, and compassionate nurses at 360Care.

Meet the Nurses at 360Care:

Nurse at 360Care

Connie Tanner

Qualifications: Registered Nurse (RN), Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)

Nurse at 360Care

Rachna Gill 

Qualifications: Registered Nurse (RN), Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), CPT 

Nurse at 360Care

Mireille Fiset-Maurais

Qualifications : Registered Nurse (RN) – Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) (Infirmière clinicienne – Éducatrice agréée en diabète)

How long have you been a nurse?

Connie: I have been a Registered Nurse since 2002 (19 years). Wow – how did that happen?!

Rachna: 13 years 

Mireille: 16 years

Why did you become a diabetes educator?

nurse at 360 care who is a diabetes practitioner

Connie: I worked as a hospital nurse for many years, but after having children, was looking to try something new. I found a job posting for a diabetes educator and thought, “Wow. This could really be for me!” Here I am 10 years later loving my role and feeling very fortunate to help people with their diabetes journey.

Rachna: I became a diabetes educator to support others in becoming the greatest version of themselves. Since childhood, I have struggled with certain aspects of my health which led me to pursue an interest in diabetes.

As a diabetes educator, I can use my passion for health and wellness to help others achieve their goals. I am also able to serve my appetite for continuous learning and personal growth through this profession.  

Mireille: Over the past 10 years I have specialized in chronic diseases, mainly in diabetes.  Becoming a diabetes educator was the logical continuation of my journey and allows me to keep my knowledge and teaching skills up to date.

What is the advantage of having a nurse who is a diabetes educator?

nurse at 360Care helping man with diabetes

Connie: The knowledge and skills of a diabetes educator are very specific and require ongoing learning. Working with a nurse who is a diabetes educator means you not only have access to that knowledge and can benefit from those skills, but you will have a person on your healthcare team who is compassionate and genuinely wants to support you in achieving good health.

Rachna: Diabetes nurse educators are well versed in the clinical management of diabetes. Living with diabetes is not easy and having a nurse who is a diabetes educator can help support shared decision-making and empower individuals to manage their health.  

Mireille: The diabetes nurse educator takes a holistic view of the person living with diabetes. She has an in-depth knowledge of the disease and its treatment, but she also has education, communication, and patient support skills. The diabetes educator helps her clients to make informed decisions and helps empower them to achieve their goals in the management of their diabetes.

(L’infirmière éducatrice en diabète a une vision globale de la personne aux prises avec le diabète.  Elle connait en profondeur la maladie et son traitement, mais a également des notions d’enseignement, de communication et d’accompagnement du patient qui aide celui-ci à prendre des décisions éclairées et l’aide à atteindre ses objectifs dans la gestion de sa maladie.)

Any advice for a person living with diabetes? 

Connie: ​Identify what is important to you. Only YOU can truly decide what your priorities are. Then, be open to how your healthcare team can help you achieve these priorities.

Rachna: There is no right way to live with a chronic illness. Be gentle with yourself – you are doing the best you can with what you have.  

Mireille: Be indulgent with yourself and do not try to be perfect.  It is healthier to cheat wisely than to be too strict and abandon because it is too difficult.

(Soyez indulgent envers vous-même et ne tentez pas d’être parfaits.  Il est plus sain de tricher de façon intelligente que d’être trop stricte et d’abandonner parce que c’est trop difficile)

What do you like to do in your spare time, any interesting hobbies? 

Connie: ​I started playing hockey several years ago. Learning a new sport as an adult was very humbling, but VERY worth it! It’s a great way to be active and SO much fun! I also enjoy puttering in the garden, laughing with my family, and going for a jog now and then.

Rachna: Reading books, gardening, walks in nature and listening to the laughter of my loved ones.  

Mireille: I almost have 1000 hobbies!  I love cooking (I cook everything that is cookable), I read a lot, I practice jogging, hiking, I like singing with my guitar, I always have a knitting or a sewing project.

(J’ai environ 1000 passe-temps!  J’adore cuisiner (je cuisine tout ce qui se cuisine), je lis beaucoup, je pratique le jogging, la randonnée pédestre, je chante en m’accompagnant à la guitare, j’ai toujours un projet de tricot ou de couture en cours.)

What is the toughest challenge of being a nurse? 

toughest challenge of being a nurse

Connie: One of the toughest things about being a nurse is that I can’t fix everything!! My job is really not to fix, but to support.

Rachna: The toughest challenge of being a nurse is maintaining strong emotional and spiritual strength to provide patients with the support they need. 

Mireille: It is difficult to witness the vulnerability, suffering, and illness of people on a daily basis without it reaching us on a personal level.

(Il est difficile d’être témoin de la vulnérabilité, de la souffrance et de la maladie des gens au quotidien sans que ça nous atteigne au niveau personnel)

What is the best part of being a nurse? 

happy nurse at 360Care with patient in wheelchair

Connie: I truly enjoy connecting with the people I work with, hearing their stories, being able to laugh (and sometimes cry!), and feeling a sense of pride with the impact I make.

Rachna: What counts in life is the difference we make in the lives of others. As nurses, we are honored with the opportunity to enter the lives of our patients during their ups and downs and support them on their journey to self-management.  

Mireille: The human and growing part of it; sharing experience and knowledge with clients and learning from both sides. Developing a bond of trust with people and with time, helping them become the version of themselves they want to be.

(L’humanité et la possibilité de grandir autant personnellement que professionnellement en exerçant notre profession grâce au partage d’expérience et de connaissance avec les clients.  Développer un lien de confiance avec les gens et les aider à devenir la version d’eux-mêmes qu’ils souhaitent être)

remarkable nurses at 360Care with patient in wheelchair

Nurses are remarkable people. To see people in need and be willing to help consistently is not as easy as it looks. They live their lives carrying the burden of other people’s problems, and they do so with strength, grace, and a positive outlook.

This international nursing week, take a moment to show some gratitude to your nurse. You can get them a gift basket, buy them a cup of coffee, or even give them a shoutout online.

 Giving back to these superheroes in scrubs could be as simple as saying thank you.

About 360Care

360Care by Ellerca Health seeks to empower individuals to regain control of their health. We believe that with the right support and motivation, anyone can make and maintain the lifestyle changes necessary to live a happy and healthy life. 

By using 360Care through your mobile device, you’ll have access to a team of health professionals (nurses, dieticians, diabetes educators, psychologists, and coaches) and your own personalized health plan, all dedicated to helping you reach your health goals

From feeling better, relieving symptoms, and improving your quality of life, 360Care can help you to live your best life.

Learn more about 360Care today!

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